Event Info and Parking

Event Info

Maps of the event are provided by each artist on the day of the show.
Limited-edition Artwalk posters and t-shirts will be available at Diamond & South Bayfront.
A comfortable set of walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are recommended.
Local restaurants will be open to serve breakfast, lunch, & dinner.


Beautiful Balboa Island is located within the Newport Beach Harbor.
Jamboree becomes Marine Avenue after you come over the Balboa Island bridge.
This is where Balboa Island’s shops are located and it is on your way to the
South Bayfront where the Artwalk takes place. The art show & live music continue
for over a mile along the South Bayfront walkway
. Carpooling and drop-offs are advised.
Uber and Lyft are great options. Please note that there will be no shuttle service this year.


The Balboa Peninsula Parking Lot is located at the end of the 55 South / Newport Blvd.
Exit 405 Freeway on 55 Freeway South onto the peninsula and head to Palm Street.
Turn right for the parking lot near the pier.
Take the
Balboa Ferry across to Balboa Island’s South Bayfront.


Restrooms are located every three blocks or so on the Bayfront Promenade,
at the Marine Avenue Fire Station, and at Coral, Collins & Agate Avenues.